Xining health supervision department before the food hygiene inspection 84 illegal businesses checke

The afternoon of September 28th, the City Health Bureau of health supervision to the news units informed before national food hygiene inspection, inspection of the Communist Party of China pointed out that in the investigation of illegal business 80, a fine of 14, the penalty amount of 11760 yuan.The bulletin said, in order to ensure… Read More

The Municipal Seismological Bureau held the seismic safety of rural residence construction knowledge

September 9th, City Council joint Seismological Bureau of Huangyuan County Construction Office organized earthquake safe construction training class". Huangyuan County, a total of more than 40 cadres in charge of rural housing construction and construction workers attended the training. the training by Luo Chunyan of Qinghai University teachers. Simple explanation of the two or three… Read More

The inferior toxic melamine tableware in Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau will prosecute

recently, melamine tableware originally beautiful and durable and highly favored by CCTV disclosure of alleged carcinogens, followed by state quality inspection administration as investigation object. So, how to use and sale of our province melamine tableware? In April 27th, the reporter visited the Yiwu business city, Yidong trade city and Hualian Supermarket stores etc.. walked… Read More

Xining 19 provisions of the cadres of the real thing

For the implementation of the central and provincial, municipal regulations on improving the work style, close ties with the masses, resolutely punish "mediocre, lazy, scattered, extravagance phenomenon, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department earlier this month issued the" Interim Measures to change the strict management of cadres to promote discipline and… Read More

West tax to strengthen the norms of the Sea Lake Road wholesale market individual collection

The sea lake road as the province’s largest wholesale market of vegetables and agricultural and sideline products trading venues, industry personnel complex, tax awareness. The previous annual tax income of less than 60 thousand yuan, become dead and difficulties in tax collection and management of individual   Sea Lake Road as the province’s largest wholesale… Read More

The main channel of water diversion Ji Huang strive to achieve all through the end of next year

October 25th, the reporter cited from the first meeting of Huang Da Ji construction coordination leading group held was informed that our province cited the most difficult economic engineering engineering — Huang water diversion canal tunnel project in December 31, 2014 and strive to achieve all through. it is understood that the yindajihuang project mainly… Read More